Moving Mountains GoFundMe Campaign.

A $9m Wood River Valley GoFundme campaign for affordable housing - crazy right? It’s a big swing, but I think it could be done. The YMCA, Mountain Humane, The Argyros, were all possible because of the generous donations of Valley residents. If the entire community got behind an affordable housing fundraising campaign, we could move mountains.

Why $9m? The City of Ketchum was presented with an opportunity to purchase part of the Warm Springs dog park for $9m. The City will soon begin a campaign to raise the $9m from our community. In my opinion any donation dollars that are available in our community should be 100% directed towards affordable housing. So, when the $9m fundraising campaign starts for the dog park, please keep in mind this and any other affordable housing campaign. I believe our animals needs are already well taken care of. That cannot be said for an increasing number of the lifeblood of our community.

Affordable housing is the single most important issue that faces ALL of our community. SPUR Foundation is the perfect organization to channel and steward donations towards the affordable housing effort. I’ve participated in a number of meetings recently with people and organizations that could really make a difference and I think there are some interesting ideas/opportunities and initiatives in the works. More info to follow when it is made public.

To Move Mountains it’s going to take fundraising, good ideas and out of the box ideas, community buy in and a belief that we CAN do this. Please consider donating to this GoFundme or to Spur directly (Community Development fund.) (If you donate to Spur directly, please message me at so I can register the donation on this GoFundme effort.)

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